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Melting Chocolate

Melting chocolate can be tricky for even the best dessert makers. With the wrong conditions, chocolate can seize — becoming lumpy and grainy. Use too much heat and it can scorch or turn muddy. The Brød & Taylor Folding Proofer makes it easy to melt chocolate with perfect results. Just set the Proofer to 115 °F / 46 °C and leave a bowl of chocolate to melt while doing other activities.

Tempering Chocolate. For the finest shine and snap, it is easy to temper chocolate. After it is melted, stir in unmelted “seed” chocolate and continue to stir until it cools to an ideal working temperature (about 87 °F / 31 °C for milk and white chocolates, 91 °F / 33 °C for dark chocolate). The Proofer can then be used to hold the tempered chocolate at the ideal working temperature.

• Printable Recipe (Melting and Tempering Chocolate)
chocolate covered strawberries
chocolate covered pear

Family Projects — The Proofer is so foolproof and safe that even children can melt chocolate for fun projects like making chocolate-dipped cookies, chocolate-dipped fruit or chocolate nut bark.

Curls — Busy hosts will love discovering how to cover a dessert with professional-looking chocolate curls in just minutes. Simply warm a block of chocolate in the Proofer, then use a potato peeler to create beautiful curls. Use a lower temp of 81 °F / 27 °C for milk and white chocolate and a slightly higher temp 84 °F / 29 °C for dark chocolate.

Piping — Use the Proofer to melt chocolate in a piping bag, then decorate dessert plates like a pro.

Tempering — Home chocolatiers will appreciate the control the Proofer lends to the tempering process, giving truffle coatings and cake decorations the finest shine and snap. The Proofer also holds tempered chocolate at ideal working temps and can even maintain the temperature of tools.

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